The Lottery Mentality and Venture Capital in Entrepreneurship

Women are often less risk-taking than men in the entrepreneurial world, but this doesn’t mean they’re immune to the impact of venture capital. The VC model appeals to the lottery mentality, causing founders to lose control of their businesses before they’ve even gotten off the ground. This article explains why women often don’t get VC money. It also explains why VCs tend to wrest control of a company before it has even been able to develop a sustainable business.

Women are less risk-taking in venture capital

The gender of the entrepreneurs is a contributing factor to a decreased demand for venture capital. A recent study suggested that women are less risk-taking than men when they start a new business. Despite being aware of external financing options, female entrepreneurs were less likely to seek VC funding. This lack of women entrepreneurs in Europe has led to reduced demand for external financing. But there are ways to overcome the gender bias and make women entrepreneurs more attractive to VC firms.

VCs wrest control of companies from founders

Why do VCs wrest control of companies away from founders? Many reasons can be attributed to the power of information. Founders and managers are more likely to know more than their investors do, which creates a problem called information asymmetry. Moreover, a high degree of asymmetry between information and capital can push entrepreneurs to take risks they otherwise wouldn’t. Hence, this situation can lead to moral hazard.

VCs appeal to a “lottery” mentality

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