Solving Origination Problems in a Small to Mid-Cap Investment Fund

Solving Origination Problems in a Small to Mid-Cap Investment Fund

As the manager of a small to mid-cap investment fund, you face many challenges day to day. From growing levels of competition in the industry to price squeezes that continue to shrink fees and put a strain on the bottom line to the ever present difficulty of attracting qualified leads and new capital, overcoming obstacles has become a way of life.

In this highly competitive environment, one of the most difficult, and until now most intractable, problems has been that of deal origination. In a world where a 0.5% to 1.0% hit ratio is considered good, finding a sufficient number of potential deals is a problem investment managers face every single day.

Think about it this way – in order to close a single deal for your small to mid-cap investment fund, you may have to vet between 100 and 200 potential ones. Every one of those unsuccessful deals represents a waste – of time, of talent, of resources and most importantly of money. If you want to make the most of your marketing budget and keep the steady flow of deals coming to your fund, you need to employ a more creative solution.

Finding that creative solution is what the AQCON deal sourcing platform is all about. Using a combination of algorithmic intelligence, machine learning and human expertise, our firm is able to solve what had previously felt like an unsolvable problem.

Without our platform and its innovative processes, investment managers had faced some significant problems, starting with things like too narrow criteria and infrequent communications with the sell-side advisors they had relied on for the opportunities they needed. This heavy reliance on a relative handful of sell-side M&A providers had long been a problem, and it is one of the things that spurred the creation of the platform.

Through the use of this innovative platform, we are able to help our clients improve and enhance their deal flow. Instead of relying on a pitifully low hit ratio of less than 1%, we are able to optimize deal flow through a combination of algorithmic intelligence, a deep understanding of the investment industry and common sense. In building our platform, we have relied on the latest advances in the fintech industry, including learning algorithms designed to make the most of every lead and match the most promising and lucrative deal opportunities with the clients who can make the most of them.

By taking the guesswork and waste out of the deal matching process we are able to help the clients we work with save time on their origination, a problem that had previously been thought of as nearly intractable. By helping our clients make the most of every dollar they spend on marketing and deal acquisition, we are able to reduce the waste of resources, time and talent that had previously been holding our clients back.

If you would like to maximize your own operations and make the most of every opportunity, we invite you to reach out to us today. Our platform has been custom designed to help our clients succeed, and our unique matching process can help you build a better and more profitable investment fund.

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