Sources of Venture Capital For New Businesses

There are many sources of venture capital for new businesses. Some sources include: External private equity, Business angels, and Intrepid capital funds. These investors may be more lenient with their investment terms. However, a venture capital fund needs a business idea that is both innovative and profitable. In order to attract such investors, a business needs to present a strong business plan and an entrepreneur with a proven track record. Institutional investors include pension funds, insurance companies, professionally managed charitable foundations, and endowment funds at universities. Other sources of venture capital are wealthy individuals, members of the business community, and corporations. These investors are a good source for new ventures, especially if they do not have the resources to attract funding from banks.

Public equity

The relation between venture capital and the public equity markets continues to produce interesting outcomes across study settings. Black and Gilson (1998) provide evidence of a positive relationship between the US stock market and VC activity in Japan and Germany. Lin (2017) provides similar evidence in China. Although the data from these two studies only indicate that there is a positive relation between the stock market and VC activity, recent developments in Europe and Asia show a strong correlation between these two.

A more balanced approach would involve a combination of the stock market and public equity sources to provide the funds needed by VCs. In addition to institutional sources, private individuals can also invest in VCs. Private equity firms also contribute to the VC … READ MORE ...