Unbiased World Ventures Business Opportunity Evaluation

Unbiased World Ventures Business Opportunity Evaluation

I’d like to start this evaluation by very first saying that I’m not affiliated with Globe Ventures in any way and never happen to be so it is possible to feel comfy in figuring out that what you read is an absolutely honest and unbiased evaluation with the network marketing business opportunity.

Travel is a quite well-liked business, with over $8 Trillion becoming spent on it worldwide each year. For this reason, home-based firms inside the travel niche are also really well known and Globe Ventures is among the much more well known of those companies.

When you join, you grow to be an LTC (Leisure Travel Consultant). You will be in effect becoming an online web travel agent, competing with the likes of Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz.

Just how much Does World Ventures Price To Join?

The cost to join Planet Ventures is $199 upfront and $24.95 monthly. You will be fundamentally becoming an internet travel agent. What you receive for your membership may be described as a web-based travel business “business in a box”. This includes an online retail travel web-site, on the internet travel tutorials, and exams, along with possibilities for higher-level travel industry education. Your primary differentiating products are “Dream Trips” – exclusive vacation packages – and World Ventures expects to become supplying more than 200 this year.

The Planet Ventures Management Team

Planet Ventures was founded by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue in Plano, Texas, and officially launched on December 10, 2005. This longevity is an incredibly excellent sign for everyone looking to join the business. MLM firms come and go, with the vast majority having a very quick shelf-life. Globe Ventures maintains office space in Plano and employs a corporate employee who has more than 165 people. No less than you understand that this is an actual business and not getting run out of somebody’s bedroom!

Can I Make Money If I Join World Ventures?

This can be exactly where it gets slightly foggy for me. I mean, needless to say, you can since persons are but I would like to allow you to know if the average network marketer can make money with Planet Ventures.

First of all, the travel industry has undergone a significant overhaul more than the past few years of how travel is booked. Whilst you made use of to book your trips by way of travel agents, the majority of us book on the internet now. The commissions that travel agents get happen to be practically eliminated as their margins happen to be created very thin. You happen to be essentially looking at a 10% profit margin on booked-travel, and this EXCLUDES airfare because the airlines no longer pay commissions. Bottom line…you’ll need to book lots of travel to make decent money.

But, let’s check out the promoting the business chance. That’s what network marketing is all about anyway!

The Planet Ventures compensation plan is based on the binary compensation model, like a majority of MLM companies. Those of you who know me realize that I do not like the traditional MLM compensation model since most network marketers can not recruit enough persons to be productive. This is mainly because they’re unable to create adequate targeted MLM leads to make sales. Assuming which you can, you could make money with this compensation strategy.

To view the Globe Ventures compensation program in detail, please take a look at their corporate web page.


In my opinion, Planet Ventures gives a genuine home-based business opportunity with actual goods and instruction. This business is just not a scam and leadership looks robust and has a long-term vision. The compensation strategy model will not be my favored since it actually demands you to recruit a good deal of persons for your group to become effective but several people like it and also you can certainly earn a substantial residual income should you work difficult and construct a very huge and devoted group.

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