Venture Capital Valuation Formula

You’re probably wondering how to calculate a venture capital valuation. There are several methods you can use, including the Dave Berkus Methodology, Market comparables, and Discounted cash flow. But which one to use is the most accurate? Read on to learn more about these and other methods. You’ll be well on your way to creating an accurate value estimate of your company. If you haven’t done so already, consider reading this article first.

Dave Berkus Methodology

The Dave Berkus Methodology for venture capital evaluation focuses on assessing the valuation of early-stage companies by analyzing a broader set of factors. It was developed by Ohio Tech Angels and has been used to value over 4,000 companies. The method is not specific to venture capital firms; SMBs can also benefit from its simplicity and flexibility. It’s important to note that the Berkus Methodology is not intended to replace the use of comprehensive due diligence.

The Berkus Methodology was originally developed to address the problem of start-up companies not meeting financial targets. Many investors won’t fund a company without specific intellectual property or customer feedback, so it’s important to set minimum expectations for companies seeking angel funding. This approach approaches startup valuation from a risk perspective and eliminates the tendency to use unrealistic revenue growth and profit margin assumptions as a basis for decision making.

Market comparables method

The market comparables method for venture capital valuation uses public companies for comparison. Similar companies are identified within a given sector and stage. The VC … READ MORE ...