How To Ensure Your Business Transitions to a Safe Delivery Model

How To Ensure Your Business Transitions to a Safe Delivery Model

Where delivery was once limited to select casual restaurants and small-town pharmacies, more and more businesses are embracing this service as a way to preserve business during the COVID pandemic. If you have considered adding a delivery model to your existing business, there are certain things you should do to ensure the transition goes smoothly and safely. 

Conduct All Necessary Screenings

Anyone who will be driving company or private vehicles on behalf of your business should undergo a pre-employment driving record check. Look for prior accidents and moving violations that could increase your liability and possibly impact your insurance rates. This applies to current employees who are transitioning to driving roles, too. Just because someone has been a stellar employee in one role doesn’t guarantee that they will also be a great delivery driver. 

Secure Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Depending on how you are planning to conduct deliveries, there are several options for securing appropriate insurance coverage. Before you send out the first driver, conduct a review of your current policies. Talk to an agent who can help you decide what coverage you need to limit liability and reduce additional risks to your business’ financial security. A few options you might consider include:

Provide Clear Signage for Delivery Vehicles

There are several reasons you want delivery vehicles to be clearly marked. First, it helps give customers added peace of mind. When accepting deliveries, people are often opening their doors to a complete stranger. Signage lets them know that it’s an official delivery. It also encourages drivers to remain professional in their behavior by increasing their visibility. 

Offering deliveries provides an added avenue for you to generate revenue and keep employees working when there is little to no foot traffic in your business. Take the proper safety precautions to ensure that it also doesn’t increase your risk of incurring liability. 

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