Essential Pages to Build for Your eCommerce Website

Essential Pages to Build for Your eCommerce Website

Did you know, as per website design statistics, over half of the worldwide population prefers to read through a good-looking website. If they are given 15 minutes to browse through a website, 59% would prefer to do so on a website that is designed beautifully and logically. Wasn’t it a game-changer statistic for any business?

The idea is to design a website that creates a user-friendly experience with ease of navigation. But before planning your design and navigation or exploring domain and web hosting packages, it is essential to create a blueprint of your website with essential pages to build your eCommerce website.

So we are on the same page with regards to essential pages to build your eCommerce, then keep reading.

What is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is basically an online shop that should provide engagement and be relatable to your customers.

Further, it should communicate your business overview with general info such as business photographs, testimonials/reviews, links to your social media, FAQ page, business policies, contact details, etc.

The most important aspect of an eCommerce website is that it should be easy to find and not cluttered and disorganised; therefore, it should be systematised and navigational to grab your customer’s attention.

Must-Have Pages for Your eCommerce Website

1.     Homepage

A homepage creates the first impression of your eCommerce store; therefore, it must be not only appealing but also hook your visitors as soon as they land on your website.

It should provide primary information about your business concisely with vision banners and supporting images of your products/services.

2.     About Us Page

The About Us page should include a summary of your business, such as the foundation date, how you started your business(make it personal and inspiring), how it has grown, and details of the board of directors and the other team.

In short, everything that is important for your business needs to be on the About Us page.

3.     Products/Services Page

This page should list in detail the products and services you offer, with a systematic description of each product and service.

It is essential that all information should be clear and concise and communicate well with your customers to help them click on buy, pay for it online and buy it on the spot.

Also, the entire process must be seamless, with systematic integration of the top payment gateways that are safe and secure.

4.     FAQ Page

The FAQ page is an answer to all the generic doubts and queries your customer has; therefore, it is essential to have a detailed answer and solution that can guide any new user before the person reaches out with that query, thereby saving you and your customer’s time.

 Nevertheless, if customers still have queries, you can divert them to your Customer Care service, where they can get in touch with you instantly over call, email, or chat.

5.     Testimonial Page

A testimonial page is like a selling point to build trust; therefore, it is an excellent practice to make your customers review your product or service as it not only helps with trust but also creates credibility around your business along with promotion.

6.     Contact Us Page

Over 40% of website visitors will exit a company’s website if there are no contact details on it.

Therefore, this page is significant; otherwise, the whole idea of the website will be just pointless if your customers don’t know where to contact you, even if they are interested.


Therefore, build your website with an understanding of the benefits of web designingand also followweb design trends 2023to keep yourself updated with regard to the latest trends to make your website engaging and user-friendly.

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